View Full Version : Where are the Updates Ubi???? and what exactly is Honor

03-13-2017, 06:41 PM
This GAme is rly rly rlyyyy awesome. Until recently i got high Hopes like : They cant ruin this game, its worth so much and can be a great Esport title if they would already polish it, for gods sake! I trusted Ubisoft to throw out one Hotfix and one Patch after the other and the fact that that didnt happen frustrates me so much i simply had to point it out somewhere.Thank u for listening :D

To the Ppl who say no more rage, throwing off cliffs or 2v1 in Duels or Brawls. I dont like that Idea cuz its only FOR HONOR if u have the Choice to actually decide to play with honor and to decide against such behaviour. Had to get that thought off my chest :D