View Full Version : The Little Things

03-13-2017, 05:20 PM
While my game play in the beautiful provences of Bolivia I have encountered some not major, but just little things that have cought my eye.

1. The headlights on vehicles: When you smash the front end of your vehicle they continue to shine. If one light is out they both shine. Also, if both of the headlights are out it still shines.

2. Tire trails and skid marks: I don't know if this is a feature you guys didn't think of or just left out for a reason. But it just cought my eye.

3. Glitched optics: when equiping a merged optic it doesn't matter witch one it is I found this useing the "micro 7-1 & G33" when you switch to the micro 7-1 and switch guns (to your secondary or pistol) and then switch back it has the wrong view, with the wrong optic view.

4. Realoading: it happens randomly. I haven't figured out what has caused it yet but, at random moments when I reaload the "HTI" or "MK14" and the "MK17" (I don't know about other weapons sence I haven't used them as frequently). I get stuck in the reloading animation and my character freezes up. It fixes when I switch weapons. But it's quite annoying.

This game is great and you guys have done a great job with in 5 years. I say congrats on the game and Ubisoft's achievement! I see a lot of potential in this game and I hope I have been a help. Keep up the great work!