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03-13-2017, 05:03 PM
I love this game, For Honor to me is something new, fun, and original. But there are problems that I feel I'd like to announce, for one the constant server problems, more times do I find myself being kicked or removed from a game do to an error or a server issue, and when I do get a game this is what most likely we all see Valkyries and Nobushi, personally I rarely see Lawbringers, Raiders, and well much of anything anymore yes ofcourse you see them but not like when the game came out people now just use these characters cause of how powerful they are and how easy they are, I have Ranked, prestige, or whatever its called three different characters to Reputation 3 the Warden, Warlord, and Orochi I have learned those characters moves like actually learned them but then comes along a Reputation 10 or 6 that dosent even know the moves they just spam one move over and over and over, Lawbringers spam the Unbreakable throw you down and beat the living life outta you. Wardens Spam there unbreakable then stun you and do there light attack combo over and over, Nobushi Spam there light attack forever and wont do anything else, PeaceKeepers lock you in an endless combo of bleed damage thats almost impossle to avoid, Valkyries will spam there unbreakable knocking you on the ground then hevy hitting you, Conguerors have hit me from the opposite side there blocking from and spam the crap out of there light attack which can be avoided but lets be real when there hitting you from all different sides its impossible... theres a lot and I really dont know how to fix it but these are things ive found and its not the game itself sadly its the players who give up on a character they actually want to play for something that is just so over powered and what I mean by over powered is easily spammed unbreakables or bleed damage. The game is amazing but the players not so much and I fear the players are what will probably kill this game. I hope you all can relate but I play on the PS4 and if my grammar is crap I deeply apologize.
Thank you for reading and please have a nice day

03-13-2017, 06:23 PM
OMG my eyes!!!!!!!