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03-13-2017, 03:36 PM
What is matchmaking?

Matchmaking is the act of bringing like-minded and similarly skilled players together to play the game. Players can matchmake as a solo player or as a group and the game will attempt to match them into an appropriate session.

How does matchmaking work in Last Stand?

We use several statistics to determine who you will play with. If you are playing solo we will take into consideration your personal stats, while if you are in a group the game will determine the match based on averaging the group members’ stats.

Last Stand Match History

• Lifetime wins
• Lifetime games played
• Win/loss result of 5 most recent games
• Kill/death ratio of 5 most recent games

Currently in-progress games and fresh games are weighted equally, so you have an equal chance of ending up in either when you play Last Stand.

How does the game try to match me with good competition?

In addition to the statistics outlined above, we take a few other factors into consideration when performing matchmaking. Currently the game will prioritize finding players as regionally close as possible over finding the first available slot to ensure the best lag-free experience.

How do groups work when playing Last Stand?

• For solo players, the game will automatically place you into a 4 person fireteam based on your Last Stand match history. That fireteam will then join with other groups to fill up the game.

• If you are in a group 2 or 3 other players, the game will calculate the average statistics of all members then fill vacant fireteam slots with appropriate players. That filled fireteam will then matchmake with other groups to fill the game.

• If you are already part of a 4 person group, when joining Last Stand you will all be brought in as a full fireteam. The game will then calculate your team’s average statistics and fill the rest of the empty slots with other groups or solo players.

Last Stand is 8v8, can I create an 8 person group?

Not currently, players are still restricted to a 4 player group that will be matched up with 12 other players.

My friend just got online and we want to play together, how can I get them into my Last Stand session?

Players cannot currently join another player that is in a match of Last Stand, even if invited. Once your match is finished, you and your friend can group up and queue together.

Am I allowed to join a Last Stand game that is currently in progress?

A player is not able to intentionally join a game that is in progress.

Does gear score matter for matchmaking in Last Stand?

No, gear score is not a factor for Last Stand matchmaking.

Why do I see LS rank 1 players in my Last Stand match when I am LS rank 25?

Players accumulate Last Stand rank over time by completing matches, therefore it does not necessarily represent how skilled a player is. See matchmaking statistics above on how we match players together.

Does Last Stand backfill players that drop?

We have some rules about specifically when they can join, but yes, empty slots will fill with players or groups depending on the amount of open slots.

What kind of rules?

We don’t let players join at certain points within the match that would result in a poor play experience, such as when there is a small amount of time at the end of a match.

Why isn’t there a penalty for droppers in Last Stand?

Because the game will backfill, your team should get back to its full 8 players quickly. If that is not the case, and your team is being handily defeated, we have also implemented a mercy rule to end the game early. Additionally, players that drop do not accumulate XP or gear, which we reward to any player that completes a match.

03-16-2017, 02:24 AM
So, if I am placed into a game that is well beyond started and I immediately quit:

• Lifetime games played
• Win/loss result of 5 most recent games

Do I get both a game played and a loss for the matchmaking?

Or do I need to finish the game for that to impact the matchmaking.

also for K/D. is 3 kills 0 deaths, any different than 30 kills / 0 deaths ?

03-16-2017, 02:26 AM
last question:

is the information for Games Played and KD per character? Where each character would have different stats? Or is it account wide?

03-16-2017, 07:45 AM
i lied, one more question.

if a US and an EU player queue as a duo, is there any logic for how matchmaking will decide if the game will be hosted on either a NA or EU server?

05-01-2017, 09:58 AM
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