View Full Version : Normalization FAQ

03-13-2017, 03:25 PM
What is normalization?

Normalization takes all players builds and boosts them to their max possible effectiveness to create a more competitive PVP environment. While playing in normalized play all of the RPG choices players have made still matter but chasing the perfect god roll build is no longer necessary to compete.

How does normalization work?

Normalization takes each players equipped weapons, gear, and mods and boost them to their 256 gear score equivalent. Once gear has been shifted in power to 256, each stat is boosted to the max possible roll available on the item. This means that weapons are set to their maximum damage output and that each LVAO-C will have the same base damage output. The 3 main stats on players gear are also boosted to their max roles and weapon talents are unlocked based on the increased, post normalization core stats. The end result is that a 168 GS player and a 256 GS player playing Last Stand are competing at comparable power levels.

What areas of The Division are normalized?

Normalization has been designed specifically to create a more competitive PVP environment for Last Stand and is not present in the Dark Zone or any PVE focused content.

So what makes my build unique?

Every RPG choice that players have made to customize their build in the main game will affect their playstyle in Last Stand. Picking gear with appropriate major/minors and creating synergies between talents and their playstyle are still very important while playing Last Stand.

What stats will we see have a hard cap in normalized Last Stand?

The only stat that is set to a default value in Normalized play is the armor mitigation value. All players’ armor is set to 35% mitigation which is the theoretical cap in 1.6. Setting players to the same armor value creates consistent weapon damage to all players and helps make Last Stand a more competitive PVP experience.

Are there any instances where normalization will reduce stats I have on my gear?

No stat on your gear, weapons, mods, or your characters core stats will be reduced in Normalized play. Players with perfectly god rolled 256 GS builds would see zero change when entering normalized play but the vast majority of players will see a significant boost.

How can players build to get the most out of a desired attribute (Firearms, Stamina, Electronics)?

Players should not have to build any differently in Last Stand to get the desired result out of their build. Players should build their character in the playstyle they are interested in playing and the Normalization process will help ensure they can be competitive against other players.

If players will be essentially receiving buffs to stats, doesn’t this make well rounded builds king?

We do not want to take anything away from players when they choose to enter normalized play. Because of this we are aware that any meta that develops in the main game will also be present inside Last Stand. As always we are committed to continuing to improve the experience if an overly dominant build forms.