View Full Version : Empty Base?!?

03-13-2017, 11:00 AM
So I just entered Media Luna to complete a mission. It's my first time in the area. After completing the mission I decided to collect the usual skill points, weapons and attachments, etc. After making a few other stops around the area, I reached FOB Buitre where there is a document, weapon crate, and medical supply helicopter. The FOB has a drone jammer, alarms, and a generator. I land a helicopter at a safe distance to recon but didn't see a single enemy. I decided to get back in my helicopter and fly in carefully because there are SAM sites all around the area. When I got to the middle of the FOB I was able to land with no resistance. One enemy was there and was taken out immediately. The FOB is surrounded by sniper towers and is a Unidad base. Is this normal to have only 1 enemy guarding such a valuable base?