View Full Version : For honor is not Rainbow six Siege

03-13-2017, 03:39 AM
R6 survived at least 1 year with many bugs and hackers. The game was literally trash. But now the game is just great. Like many of your major problems have been fixed. And today R6 is a game you can invest your time if you want. (nice free advertising)
My point is: For honor is not gonna survive one year with all those problems. For honor is not a game for everyone. For honor does not have a good competitive scenario (or a competitive scenario at all). For honor dont have the support of big youtubers/streamers. If you dont work on For honor NOW, this game is gonna die. Fix its problems and work on a good marketing (which is terrible atm) to bring your players back and MAYBE, you can save this game. Do something Ubisoft