View Full Version : Developers have no honor

03-13-2017, 01:22 AM
So we have paid our game copy in my case also my PSN fee to play in PS4 platform and after a big hype for an almost historical almost realistic gameplay action fighting game has started with concideration that things will change. But now all i have is frustration and tearful rage sometimes cause i can't enjoy the game i paid for.
Let's keep aside the champion imbalances let's keep aside the unrewarding faction war and overpriced outifits, all we need is a stable game that can reward people for what they purchased and all that cannot and will never happen as long as the bugs glitches and outwordly dc's happen. Like i said above we NEED a STABLE game with at least DECENT SERVERS and a company that realy wants players to actualy play their games and right now things are going to get down the drain if all the problems continue. In their credits Ubisoft actualy had a ridiculous number of employees that worked on the projects and it seems that they all did a lousy job. You had an ALPHA test you had a BETA test and you're still struggling over the same problems random glitches random bugs random dc's and most of the time at least again in my case when i'm winning. Therefor all that i am trying to say and most people i know in the game is fix your game or we're allgonna fix our attitude on the company. I also have to admit that i am from those customers that bought the golden edition of the game so i have to admit that it feels like i have been robbed because, if nothing changes in the near future, i might actualy stop playing a game that i already bought it's season pass/expansion.
BE a lad as a company altogether and make haste so we can all enjoy the game as it shoud be not as an abomination that sucked our pockets dry.

03-13-2017, 01:24 AM
like the man said, why is the game even crashing on the ps4. thats even worse then all those god forsaken f$cking dc's. lets not forget all those pauses during the game which are pretty jarring and sad. getting that gold edition feels pretty damn awefull right now.