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harold x
08-24-2004, 03:23 AM
when i attempt to take manual control of the bomb pilot the autopilot of the plane pilot does not take control ofthe plane.why.

how does the k14 gunsight work and what are the benefits.


harold x
08-24-2004, 03:23 AM
when i attempt to take manual control of the bomb pilot the autopilot of the plane pilot does not take control ofthe plane.why.

how does the k14 gunsight work and what are the benefits.


08-24-2004, 04:28 AM
Shift + F1 will fix the site in the Germerman planes. Can't help you on the bomber. Haven't flown it in ages.


08-24-2004, 04:33 AM
The benefits are that u are able to drop from high altitude with some accurasy.

Im not sure but i think that "online" (if u meant online) u have no ai pilot taking over.
Offline u should have this option.

some bomberjock will soon enlighten u better than I can.

08-24-2004, 05:21 AM
AI never takes over the pilots position when player is in bombadier position. Personally I think that's a *****, but then again who am I. http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif


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08-24-2004, 05:39 AM
AI DOES take the pilot position in offline game if pilot automation is ON. Online this doesn't happen even if pilot automation is turned on.

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08-24-2004, 06:00 AM
In order to operate the K-14 Gunsight in the P-51D20NA, you will first have to set a key to toggle it from Fixed, to Fixed + Giro, to Giro.

You will find this option in your key commands as... "Toggle Sight Mode" in the Gunsight/Bombsight section. This will enable you to switch through the modes of the K-14 gunsight.

Then you will need to set controls to select the type of plane you are engaging, so that the Gunsight matches their wingspan.
The commands for this are "adjust sight control to right" and "adjust sight control to left".


It can be quite useful in helping to calculate lead shots, so you have a better idea of when to shoot when you are pulling lead on your target.

You can also set the "icrease sight distance" and "decrease sight distance" controls so that you can calibrate the gunsight to meet your set MG convergeance.


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08-24-2004, 07:18 AM
In the HE111, if you are flying offline the ai should take control of the plane as was said.. However keep in mind that by doing that you lose the ability to "fly" the plane from the bombadier position. Clarification below in online play..

Best thing to do IMO offline and online, is make sure you have a key bound to "Level Stabelizer".. when you hit this the plane will fly in a straight/level path no matter what you do with your stick.. this allows you to use trim to control the plane in small increments. For instance using rudder trim to do left/right adjustments on your bomb run. This allows for stable flight like the autopilot gives you, but with the added bonus of being able to make small adjustments to your flightpath.

However, when you toggle the auto leveler on, also drop combat flaps and give the elevator some positive trim to keep the plane flying on a level course, otherwise she'll have a tendancy to want to nose down a little bit.

Another thing to keep in mind, when you set the speed on the bombsight, that the speed indicated in the speedbar/spedometer on the instrument panel is indicated air speed, not true, and you need to enter TRUE air speed into the sight. If I recall correctly there is a IAS-TAS conversion table on the FB CD as a PDF file.

But, if you don't want to mess with that you can just adjust sights airspeed input as you go along to make sure there is no "drift", to keep your crosshairs locked on to your target.

It takes some practice to get the hang of, but once you do get proficient with the bombsight you can drop your bombs on a tank from 5000m..

Little tip for flying online in Scripted Servers like Warclouds/Greatergreen/F16..
Altitude, altitude, altitude... and never fly straight from your base to the target.. take different routes.. keep an eye out for tracer fire and steer clear of it..


08-24-2004, 07:44 AM
Hmmmm,looks like nobody knows that you CAN fly the plane in bombardier position.
Here's the story: map these controls to a key or whatever you like
- pilot automation also known as auto pilot leveling (do not confuse it with Level stabilizer)
-automatic pilot (this is usually done on A key)

Now , before entering in the plane be in the pilot position and make sure pilot automation is on.If is on,then you can move to a gunner position and see you can move the gun and fire.Go back in the pilot position and turn it off.Now,go in the same gunner position and you will notice you can't move or fire the gun.
So,how to fly and bomb or man the gun in offline missions? Simple.
-go pilot position select automation on
-go gunner position and verify if you can move the gun.if it moves is good
-now , while in the gunner position,turn automation off.You can still move the gun
-go back in pilot position and verify if you can still fly the plane.if not,that means autopilot is on which is pretty normal since the automation was on last time in this position.So turn autopilot off(A key)
From now on you can drive and shoot in the same time in gunner position.

Online is a bit of a tad,because autopilot doesn't work,so there's no reason to turn automation on/off.It works like a charm everytime.

Hope that clarified some things.

Edit: one more thing.Using level stabilizer you can't drive the plane anymore,but you can use rudder trim which is more than enough to fine tune the position of the aircraft regarding the target.As said above,before engaging level stabilizer,trim the bugger and drop some flaps.That should keep her pretty level.
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08-24-2004, 07:50 AM
Well said Prien . The only thing I can add is on take off warm up go ahead and raise your site speed to around 250 kph, alt to around 2500 and raise site to 75 degrees or more this will take out alot of work load on the bombing run. So far the best way i found for me is to map the keys are to the number pad, 8/2 ,site elevation ,7/9 alt , 1/3 speed ,4/6 drift , 5 automation, - pilot pos , = bomber pos , enter gunsite, 0 pickle button. everyone has there own way but that might help you. The most important thing about bombing is trimming and a stable speed the more stable the bomber is the more accurate your bombs will fall . so take your time to make sure your vsi has settle on 0 and your speed it a costant , its very easy to pickup or lose 10 kph on a run . one more thing ignore the speed bar its not accurate enough for bombing work .well good luck and good hunting


08-24-2004, 08:14 AM
************K-14 Gyro Gunsight***************

Here we go

First off:

Become familiar with how a non-gyro, standard gunsight works. I will be using some examples that assume you have an idea of how to use the gunsight, and how to set your convergence. I may tocuh on those two topics to illustrate how it relates to the K-14 gyro gunsight, but I will not go into great detail on those subjects; typing all this up is mo0re than enough typing for me.

First, assign some keys to your K-14 functions. I beleive the defaults are un-mapped, and they are for the bombsight.

Now. Take a look at the K-14. You will see something immediately: a list of planes around the perimeter of the body of the sight. Don't worry about that, we'll discuss how to select a plane, why, and when, or even if you should use the gyro feature. For now, just be aware of the ability to select plane types.

While in flight, cycle through the modes of operation for the sight:
gyro only

You will note that in fixed+gyro and gyro, there is a pattern of small diamond shapes on the gunsight glass, and it moves as you manuever. This is called your pipper. This is the gyro feature, obviously.

Remember the list of plnes from before? Cycle through them. Note that the pipper gets bigger or smaller depending on what plane you select. Note how that the bigger the wingspan of the plane selected is, the larger the pipper is. This is key. Remember that: the pipper is intended to match the visual wingspread of your target.

Now try something new: increase or decrease range on the K-14 while in fixed+gyro or gyro only mode. Note how the pipper smoothly gets bigger or smaller, similar to the function in which you select target plane type.

This is all the pipper control you have: resizing the pipper.

How does this all work?

OK. Let's say you are roughly 150 meters away from a Bf 109, on his six o'clock (directly behind him as he flies away from you). You turn on your K-14 to fixed+gyro or gyro only. At this range (150m), if you select 'bf109' from the list of targets on the sight, the pipper will frame the wings of your target if the dot is centered on the fuselage. This tells you that you are at the range that the sight is preset to: about 150m, more or less. What does this do for you? Well, if you now place the dot in the center of the pipper on his right wingtip and pull the trigger, if he does not manuever, you will get strikes on his right wingtip. Maybe not a lot, but that is also a function of convergence, which is where the bullets from your guns cross in front of your aircraft. If you set the convergence to 150m ahead of time, obviously, in this example I have given you, you will do more damage because a lot more lead will have struck the target.

This brings us to "why change the range on the K-14?" Well, maybe you don't like 150m convergence. You prefer 100m, or 300m. Well, now you set your convergence-there are several ways to find your convergence, including shooting at an enemy without the K-14 in fixed+gyro or gyro only, pausing the game, and then using the 'enemy view' to see if you are getting hits at the point where the bullet streams cross- and you fly a mission. Let's say you are in the same situation as the example previosuly mentioned, and you find that 300m is a good convergence for you.

You are behind a Bf 109 on his six. You now remember more or less how big the enemy plane looked when you determined that 300m was a good point for your convergence. You flip on the K-14 to fixed+gyro mode. You determine that you are approximately 300m away, based on your experience while setting convergence, and now you resize the pipper to roughly the correct size to frame the enymy's wings, when that enemy is selcted on your gunsight selector. Sounds harder than it is. You are using standeard techniques to determine convergence, the same for any other aircraft without the K-14. But now, you can make the pipper the right size. Once you know that size for that distance and for just one enemy plane, you can start to make very good estimated judgements on other sizes for the pipper for other aircraft. Let's say you don't run into a Bf 109, but instead it's a FW 190. Well, flip on the K-14 to a gyro equipped mode. You know that the FW 190 is slightly larger than the Bf 109, and has a wider wingspread. All you do is set the range for the pipper as above, Now select "FW 190" on the selector, and your are very close to being properly ranged for that aircraft, and at your convergence.

It is important to remember a few things:

1) all you ever do is change pipper size.
2) try to set range first. Sounds hard, but it's actually easy. It does take a little effort though. You will simply be cahnging the sight to this size automatically after a while.
3) the gyro pipper needs a second or two to 'settle' this is why you also have a fixed mode. Fixed+gyro is a great compromise if you can deal with the two recticles
4) do not try to constantly reset the K-14's pipper in combat for a 'perfect' frame of your eney's wings whwnever range changes! This is extremely hard and is not how the sight works. Set the pipper to the right size for your convergence, and then fire at the convergence. If you want, you can try to get some lucky hits on aircraft that are far way by increasing the range, but remember: you are now out of your convergence range. The rule of thumb is: fire only at convergence range, and set the pipper size to convergence.

One more thing: How can you use the K-14 to fire at targets not on the selector list?

Simple. Select a similarly sized aircraft. For example, if I wanted to size the pipper, at my convergence, at a P-47, I would think about the P-47's size. First, I'd switch on a gyro mode on the K-14. Next, I size my pipper to range (another good trick is to set your range in fixed+gyro, because you can compare the wingspread of the target in the regular recticle with the pipper), and after I am confident that the pipper is the right size for my range, I would select "FW 190" on the list: that is approximately the right wingspan for the P-47.

One good thing to always bear in mind: the sight will never tell you waht the range is. You tell the sight what the range is first. But you don't need to know range. All you do is compare sizes. First you recognise what size the pipper will be at what you beleive to be your convergence range. Then, set the pipper to that size by changing range. Now select the target aircraft, if you have done your homework and know how to tell ropughly how far an enemy is from you, when you resize the pipper manually by changing range to the proper size (so that the pipper's outline will frame the wings of the target), when you then select the target type, the pipper will be properly sized.

Sounds confusing. Let's look at it the other way around.

You should be able to set the pipper to the correct size to match your convergence range without a target nearby. The, by selecting a target from the list, the pipper will be the correct size for that target. It's not magic, it's just a little time spent setting a convergence range that works for you, and then remembering how big the target was when you did that. Then you change the pipper size to match that.

For example, you are flying a P-51D with the K-14. You see a Bf 109 and are on his six, directly astern. Select fixed mode. You close in. At your convergence range, whatever that may be, you open fire. You see many hits, and he catches fire and crashes.

Now, what you do is recall where his wings were in the fixed sight when you clobbered him. Were the wings just a tocuh shy of tocuhing the edges of your sight? Were they past the edges of the sight so much that the fixed sight's edge was in the middle of the wing? Whatever, doesn't matter, just remember that. Then turn the K-14 to a gyro mode, and manually change the pipper by changing range, so that the pipper mimics the size of the target's wings when you clobbered him. Remember that one tip about setting the pipper first with range.

Notice how I call changing the range "manually" changing the pipper sometimes? Setting the pipper size by changing range can be thought of as manually changing the pipper, while the aircraft selection feature is an automatic function:

set the pipper size for your convergence. I suggest using a Bf109 as the aircraft to learn this on, simply because it's the default setting on the K-14 and it makes things easier.

Once you set that pipper size, selecting another aircraft automatically makes the pipper the right size for that target's wingspan at your convergence range.

Next: "How can I use the K-14 if the target is broadside to me?" Well, the K-14 isn't perfect. It can't calculate high deflection well. That's why you have other modes of operation other than just the pure gyro only feature. But- if the target is not perfectly in front of you it doesn't matter if the wings don't look their full size because of your depth perception. The sight uses wingspan as an easy reference, not as a need to properly function. If you know your range, set the pipper to it, and select the correct aircraft, you will know already if the target is at the proper range, that's all you need. In a medium to low deflection shot, the gyro feature, if trained on the target for a breif moment, should accurately calculate lead for you, and where the pipper dot is on the enemy is where bullets will land if he doesn't manuver.

Do not rely on the K-14 in gyro mode. Many pilots in real life didn't care for it and used the fixed mode only. There is no rule that says you must use it, but a couple say don't use it in some situations. The K-14 is a good tool that produces results when used properly. It cannot do everything and needs to be properly set up to function. These is a certain amount of hype regarding this gunsight, and if used in the correct circumstances, will live up to that, in my experience. But if you have a 90* deflection shot, turn it off and use the fixed mode. Most of the time, I use it in fixed or fixed+gyro.

The Golden Rule of the K-14 in gyro modes is this: match sizes- pipper to wingspan, and at your convergance range.

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08-24-2004, 08:41 AM
How do you guys find this stuff out. I admit I don't read the manuals very well, but I don't see where this is documents in the official game ?

Did I just miss it ?

08-24-2004, 10:09 AM
Some of this is on CD2, I beleive, or in a readme...somewhere...

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