View Full Version : Paid "MSR Sniper" ....silencer missing..

03-12-2017, 08:52 PM

We play with a friend who bought one of those Weapon Packs that included the MSR Sniper.....the two of use the one you unlock early. Every time we line up and do our kills his sounds like a cannon goin off and alerts the enemy. Today we tried to do another and kept getting failed and told him you need to put that silencer on your sniper. He said< 'it's on there"...we said, 'no...it's not...thing sounds like a cannon". He says it shows a silencer is attached in the parts menu.

So he goes over, stands next to us and it clearly shows a silencer on the end and sends us a picture of it in the load out. He exchanges it for the one we use and not a sound when it shoots. But the "Paid for MSR" is useless to use in most of the mission nd what you're trying to do. He's pretty ticked he cannot even use something he paid for when it shows otherwise.


03-12-2017, 09:09 PM
This is a glitch that I have noticed playing with a few of my friends. It's not just limited to that rifle. My buddy uses the PP19 on the regular and every once and a while it will sound like he's firing without a suppressor, and enemies get alerted, yet he says in his game it is showing that his suppressor is equipped and its nice and silent, which he has proven with screenshots as well.