View Full Version : Game is broken !

03-12-2017, 08:29 PM

So i preordered the game couse i tho it will be a great multiplayer game . alot of moves and mind games . But today i realise something . is not the connection problem in this case ( btw the connection p2p is so bad that i cant even describe it ) . MOUST OF THE CHARS DONT WORK . Imputs ar extremly bad. you guys can go an try it ur selfe . get a friend in a 1 v 1 match and start to spam some combos . you will realise at some point that you pressed a button and the game did nothing about it . you will see how light attacks will be non existing at some point unless you stop your char and "let him take a brake "

For those who will say i dont know the game . i have a valk rep 5 . warlord rep 5 . zerk rep 1 raider rep 1 . warden rep 1 so i think i have an ideea how the game works
And for those who think i;m a noob i have 83% win rate on the acc .

Played all the modes all time and sometimes the impust DOSE NOT WORK AS INTENDED .your char will choke on after a few moves and it will stop responding at your commands . SO MY QUESTION IS UBISOFT WHAT IS THIS ABOUT ? . IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SEE IT . is not about ballancing . is about your game not working .:mad: