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03-12-2017, 07:30 PM
Everyone and anyone that has played 'For honor' has lag, connection issues, and attempting to stay in a match until the entire match is over.

Ubisoft servers are awful, matchmaking is borderline stupid, and there are constant game connection issues. How is this not even crossing your mind to fix these connection and matchmaking issues so the player is happy. That's really all a player in a game like this asks for is happiness.

The fact that every time someone leaves a game either it's a rage quit, disconnection or something just to get them kicked out of the game; i have to suffer for there anger or problems? I shouldn't have to be put on pause just because some random left the game and then on top of all things the game gets pushed back a good 5~10 seconds. SO the guy that's head was on the floor when i sliced it off, reattached and now i gotta shank a *****. Again. THEN on top of all things you're adding new stuff to the game WHEN people can't even connect to see the new content! WTF is going through your heads.

Matchmaking - Jesus Christ i don't even know what to say. I'll be a rep 1 or 2 getting paired with teams that have rep 10s+ max armor 108. You know it's kind of hard to kill someone when they have revenge every 4 seconds for a minute. See i don't mind playing those guys because it's not a big issue but for someone that doesn't have max duration on revenge and can gain revenge because they have those maxed skills out is kind of unfair. Another area to hit is the back-out options; How come i cannot back-out of a lobby when i get put into one. If my screen shows me i'm versing people and then when it gets to the loading screen when the characters are looking at each other but when my screen is full of bots i can't back out? I have to wait till i get into the game and then quit to the world map which counts as a loss. THEN another big issue is when people back out of my lobby and a bot gets replaced but! his or her spot doesn't get filled, even when the game is over. I played three matches with my friend on skrimsh and our teammates backed out and it was just the two of us with bots. That lasted for 3 other games after that. NO ONE Fills the bots spot and we'll be player less for a while.

I'm not in anyway trying to bash your game because it's a very good game with some technical errors. I adore the fact that i can execute people and really take the whole game down to the last seconds where it matters at the sudden death. But it's the minor kinks that if you don't fix you'll easily lose your players... You really have an opportunity to make sure people want the next game because of how good it is. BUT you have to fix the problems with this one first before you move on. You can't expect people to buy another game because of the first 'For Honor' had lag issues. You can't expect me to buy MAP PACKS/ DLC'S/ ANYTHING until the lag issues are fixed and matchmaking is tweaked. These are very minor problems but cause such a headache for people that want to enjoy the game.

WARLORD REP 3 (I'll jump 20ft and cut your head off.) :nonchalance:

AND I Know it's not ubisoft servers. It's peer to peer connection but i ain't trying to connect to people that have dial-up and i'm lagging my way across the map to get killed.

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