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03-12-2017, 07:22 PM

Like the title says, when/if the ranked mode releases there needs to be a released version of the methodology for rankings. Improving on what some other titles do, here they go with an explanation.

1) WIn/Loss should never be the primary indicator of ranking.

Unless you are playing in a 4 man premade coordinated group, the win/loss shouldnt be the primary factor. How many of you in other games top the score charts (even over the other team) end up losing? So if you lose more than you win/ have a High score kill/death ratio should be you be in the same groups as the mouthbreathers? No you shouldnt!


Assuming you use allow gear to be used in Competitive mode, W/L should be 40% Your K/D Ratio (further defined as honorable +3 and Dishonorable +1) over deaths should be 40% and finally, gear should be the remaining 20%

What does this mean? If you lose, but bust your rearend playing and top the chart then you should go UP based off of individual effort not down because RNG.

2) Talking about gear

After playing 20 - 30 matches of forced communication placement games W/O Gear you should get a determination rank. That Rank will place you in a queue of similarly ranked people.

Prestige Rank 0-2
Prestige Rank 3-6
Prestige Rank 7+


REGARDLESS of gear, if you dominate the field, you will go up in more difficult competition and if you have a bad streak go lower.

3) Playing with friends.

Depending on the ranking (lets assume 0-100 for just documentation sake) If player A is 65 and his friend is 30, most games would average the 2 and place them in the 45-50 area. Now, this would be abused by higher levels getting free wins.

The solution:

If more than 10 points separate the two the rewards for the higher level are prorated.

4) Leaving

Due to the instability of the servers if the game crashes no penalty should be levied and not penalized in any manner


Drop P2P and actually spend money on high quality servers even if it is JUST for Competitive.

5) Communication

Simply put, in Ranked mode it should be forced, no exception, no muting of any kind. If you cant communicate due to any reason then play freeplay until you can. In ranked mode without a doubt, teamwork matters.

6) Player Review.

For non-premades there needs to be a review system in place that UBISOFT reviews of a player. This includes Blocking a player outright. However, I was Blocked in other games for being above average and it caused my wait time to increase.

The solution:
If you initiate a block on a player and that person happens to join the same TEAM as you, then as the initiator then you should be prevented from Joining the match. This prevents players from being blocked just because they are "pro" The blocking has no effect for players on the other team.

7) Team Composition

Simple limit heroes in freeplay to 2 and ranked to 1. No 3 peacekeepers and orochi or 4 warlords in the safe room of A on Citadel Gate.

8) Rewards.

Assuming you use a simple numerical number to determine rank using the above formula (0-100) for every 10 ranks you get 1 chest at the end of the season. It should be a whole host of cosmetic, emotes, fluff type of stuff. (rank 28 you get 2 chest, rank 91 you get 9 etc.

9) Maps

You need about 30 more maps.

10) Types of Modes for competitive

Needs to be random, use all of them including Skirmish.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave constructive comments. UBISOFT feel free to contact me if you want to fix the game and prep for Ranked mode.



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I am disappointed. :(