View Full Version : looking for team mate for 2vs2

03-12-2017, 05:57 PM
hello i started playing 2 weeks ago and this game with all its errors/crashed is driving me nuts i figured if i come on here invite a friend it would be alot easyer and alot more stabel for playing 2vs2, if u guys are keen please let me know or invite me my uplay account name is jacob_321, cheers.

03-15-2017, 04:11 AM
Hey Jacob I'm a staff member for a gaming community called Chaos Vanguard. You should check us out, we'll be happy to have you. I'm sure you'll find someone to 2 v 2 with you here. I also want to add there are some really and I mean really skilled players currently playing. You can learn a thing or two from them, and who knows maybe you'll be the one teaching them instead.
This is our recruitment's thread, here you can check out the requirements and get some more info, http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1577082-The-Chaos-Vanguard-WANTS-YOU!
And if you want to apply this is our website, http://forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/

03-16-2017, 01:49 PM
Tak na prawdę trzeba by było zobaczyć co znajduje się tutaj http://gruz-kontener.krakow.pl bo wiele osób nie zdaje sobie sprawy z ekologi i śmmieci.