View Full Version : [pc] nvidia laptop user support has gone unfixed for a month - seeking refund

03-12-2017, 04:01 PM
Since the game's beta, mobile nvidia card users have been plagued by a host of issues, most emblematic of which is the non-fullscreen bug. The game was released with the same issues, and despite ubisoft's claims of seeking a fix, it has been nigh on a month now and there is nothing to indicate that there is any progress being made as to making the game playable for the large-scale mobile gaming audience. Steam will only allow refunds to players if they have played less than two hours, but it is apparent that this is an issue that the devs have no intention of fixing. If Ubisoft is insistent on selling laptop users software that is not fully functioning, then I request full reimbursement for the damaged product in steam wallet funds. I have played a total of 23 hours of the game, in hopes that Ubisoft would fix their buggy software design. I would have played more if not for the host of bugs plaguing the game. Now that it is apparent they have no intention of repairing it, I would like to spend my money elsewhere on fully functioning products. I may re-purchase the game for consoles, but not if I were to own two copies of the game. Thank you for your time.