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03-12-2017, 02:38 PM
Hey, what is everyone gearing for stat wise for 4v4? Attack defense? i have just hit 3ed prestige and want to start properly gearing.

03-13-2017, 12:38 PM
:nonchalance: This is not that easy to tell. I guess you might have to decide this on your own, depending on your style or the situations you end in.
I went for

- attack > defense > stamina. Stamina didnt worked for "me", which means a single stamina-bar-chain to blow an opponent did not worked for me. I usualy get interrupted and make a wrong decision forcing me to reset and filling my bar anyway.
- R. gain by def > R def > feat cooldown. I often end in 1vs2 situations. Getting revenge faster helped a lot to handle these. Since Valkies first feat is a passiv and feat #3 & #4 are only used by me as a finisher when the other team is breaking. i didnt saw any use of feat cooldown.
- Rev by Inj > Rev attack > throwdistance. Obv throwdistance is completly useless for Valky, because every throw is basicly followed by a sweap or a straight throw can be charged which is enough to kick opponents of an edge + Valky got 3 more tools to kick someone from an edge. I didnt got any gear for max rev attack for now, so i might change this to burst someone faster down.

- R duration > exhaustion > debuff. I know that debuff is realy important, but for me R duration is more usefull, i can burst down 1 hero with Valkies revenge inf chain, more time means i can almost handle 2. Exhaustion is #2 just as safety option. Every time i over extend, because of my own fault this helps me getting back earlier.
- speed > block damage > execution healt. I feel like speed is the only usefull thing or at least the most important one. I never take a fight which is not about a control zone and i am almost never at the front line. So winning a fight grants the zone and health, also block damage is basicly unimportant because my opponents, vs Valky, either dodge an attack or are getting hit by it. ( i assume health regen would be still preferable above blockdamage, but i dont got the fitting gear, with max speed first. Also i assume that lonly a small amounts of my kills are done by an execution. In a 1v1 it is like 50/50 in a 2vs1 it is close to 0%)
- Stamina regen > block resistance > rev speed. Stamina should be obv, like i mentioned, i always need 2 staminabars, getting the second bar faster is crucial for me. Since rev speed is close to unimportant for me, because i can only res if noone is around & usualy the reviving starts after a fight anyway, i went for block res as 2nd. In elemination this might be different, but there are better heros to revive teammates, because they got this broken rev feat.

So thats it. I assume you have to find your own gear. depending how good you are, how often you are in a 1vx and need revenge and the way you use it.

03-19-2017, 02:44 PM
What i did is to try to set her up to be strong as an heavy class.So i traded stamina for defense and attack .But this way ,you need to keep an eye on your stamina all the time.And of course max revenge set up with both injury and defense.
I use the second feat who make more powerful.

03-30-2017, 03:13 PM
Exhaustion recover and revenge duration because not having stam really hurts any character, but an idle valk is easy to kill

Block damage and sprint, because when are you really going to execute someone with that slow attack lol

Stamina regen and block damage resist as explained above, we have to have stamina, with this health pool, we can't sit idle, and block damage resist because I don't count on teammates dying for revive speed to be a factor.

Stam cost reduction and attack since we burn through stamina, and attack for our pathetic damage output. With all this stamina, defense isn't something I'm keen on as I'm able to get in and poke while moving around to avoid the enemy.

Revenge gain by defense and revenge mode defense as feats aren't useful until specific times, and revenge gains are huge for us as something has to even the field.

Revenge gain by injury and revenge attack since throw is counter productive for spear sweeps and I have revenge by injury over attack as I'm not that great at this game, I know I'm taking hits but these two should be reversed once you can play better for attack over injury, but throw still remains a moot stat.