View Full Version : gear inequality + incentive for quitting + p2p = connectivity issues

03-12-2017, 08:25 AM
each of these things individually may not seem like a major problem, however when taken together, the results are, well, infuriating

we all know these are issues. just pointing them out is ultimately pointless. ima give my suggestions on possible ways to address those issues and encourage others to do the same

problem 1: gear inequality
i honestly don't think things like revenge need to be fixed. those who took the time to gather the resources necessary and to do the research to find the most effective gear setup, deserve some kind of reward. however what is an issue is that all too frequently teams are imbalanced in terms of the gear. this system is not constructive to encouraging a growing player population. it also discourages people from starting new characters. another result is that players leave the match right as it begins. if they are host, well it can result in a dropped game, contributing to connectivity issues

proposed solution to problem 1
several ideas come to mind. first and foremost i'd suggest giving people the option to play all modes w/ or w/out gear. very simple solution, however it will likely result in longer matchmaking because honestly the player base (at least atm) seems abysmal. another work around would be to assign teams after heroes have been chosen.

problem 2: incentive for quitting
atm, people actually benefit for leaving matches. for those who are concerned w/ their w/l or k/d the solution is as simple as leaving in the middle of the match. typically i wouldn't care, and in fact i find them leaving to be rather humorous, however w/ the current P2P system, the result is at times everyone dropping. even if everyone doesn't drop the hiccup in time is pretty annoying

proposed solution to problem 2
players who leave won't get their rewards at the end, however there needs to be a larger penalty. in HOTS if you leave matches too often you're forced to play X amount of matches vs AI, where x is determined by the frequency w/ which you have left/disconnected from your match.

problem 3: p2p
in and of itself p2p is inherently flawed. even if you find a way to make it a more effective system than it has been in the past, when combined with the other issues the result is frequent drops

proposed solution to problem 3
not even worth addressing. the fix is clear. however if the other issues were addressed then this wouldn't be as big a problem

i'm curious to hear other thoughtful comments people can come up with in helping ubisoft in addressing the current issues regarding matchmaking

03-13-2017, 01:08 AM