View Full Version : Idling Mouthbreathing ******bag's Ruining A.I Matchmaking

03-12-2017, 06:35 AM
I personally prefer player vs. player, and for the most part, aside from unwelcome random disconnects at the most inopportune of times; i am having a great time with it. Sometimes however, i like to take a break from that and play A.I Dominion or Skirmish. Mostly, if nothing else, in order to complete the few daily bounties requiring us to achieve some objective specifically requiring A.I opponents. However, the past week and a half has been a very annoying and grueling experience. Nevermind the fact that 10, yes 10, dominion matches in a row, were filled with 2 to 3 people on my team, running in circles the entire match to farm EXP with no mind to the other players looking for the engaging experience that the developer's no doubt had originally intended. This happened 2 straight days, and luckily today there are no bounties asking for Dominion A.I objectives. Today, the bounties are for Skirmish A.I matches. Well, two matches in a row now, i had one player on my team each time, who stood at spawn running in circles paying no mind to the fact that he is a cheating, inconsiderate, turd of a gamer; and no doubt blight upon society when away from their console/PC. Anyone who has no problem screwing a team of people over in order to get ahead, is nothing other than a raging ****** bag in real life. I would wager any amount of money that such a person has either very few, or no friends because they are extremely annoying, and probably plays around *****'s when not ruining everyone else's gaming experience. Please, for the love of all that is holy, find some way to punish, or at least not reward this type of Multiplayer ruining behavior. I know i am not the only one running into this turds on a daily basis considering it happens so consistently. After these matches i report these players for grieving over and over until the timer winds down, then jump out before i have to experience any more time these abhorrent mouth breather's. It apparently has not been working considering how often i still see this happening, but please, anyone else experiencing this, do the EXACT same thing i just said, because it is the only chance we have for the time being of a possible form of recourse. Anyone else care to comment? go ahead and leave a story below about your experiences, because perhaps if enough people speak up about it; Ubisoft will take action.