View Full Version : Functionality BS, this game is turning into all the other trash out there.

03-12-2017, 02:50 AM
I really wish I could give this game a raving review, its the basic functions like guard break and defense that make this a failure. 50% of the afforded abilities, counters and parries do not work 50% of the time at least. Its always a crap-shoot event attempting parrying someone or effectively landing a counter. I find myself dying and my screen spinning in the direction I am constantly trying to block yet it doesnt register.. when I see the blinking red on an attack and i do the correct counter it almost never counters or parries.. How is this a fully released game for $60 and still drops players from groups and games, uses p2p connection instead of using the ton of money they made to get some fu(king searvers for christ's sake.. This game could be epic, yet i find myself hating it more and more everyday I play. Some days there are good matchups and things work ok but most of the time I am tearing my hair out just with the basics of the games functionality. I swear it is the new age trend to make incomplete and trashy games to make money for the next project money-maker because of the theory of the new title is intriguing or the cinematic graphics are cool on cut-scenes. Will anyone ever make a balanced and solid game ever again?? I doubt it, there is not enough money in a good game because there is not enough money in making a stand-alone game, they need monthly fees and expansion packs and DLC.

Special4ces Dom
03-12-2017, 08:07 AM
My biggest gripe with this game is that characters have varying block delays.
So some of my favorite characters are literally punching bags for fast characters like Valkyrie, Nobushi and Peacekeeper.