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03-11-2017, 11:51 PM
The Mad Marauders

The Mad Marauders Task Force is opening its doors for recruitment! We are looking for PS4 gamers to engage with while playing Ghost Recon Wildland. We are looking for players who want to dive into the game full force! If you are interested in joining the Marauders then you must meet the following requirements (unless waived by Leader or two Sr. Member). We are not looking for the weak, so bring your all if you are thinking of applying.

Requirements and Guidelines

- We are looking for players who are just starting out or are very early into the game ie less than 12 hours of gameplay.(before 3/12)
- Players must be at least 18 years of age.
- New members must have Mic and Headset.
- PS4 Ghost Recon Network account
- 2 week boot camp (trial period)

- Military service active or retired
- Located in the Midwest area.
- Twitch or livestream account.
- Member of outer system task forces (PC,PS4)
- share keys, badges and boost items with the task force members or recruits

Squad Goals

The Mad Marauders use a tactical based ranking system that allows people to understand what is going on at all times. On a more official note, we plan to have three squads that will be filled with members who are looking for different playstyles concerning the game. These squads will be used in any instance where we have a full group and in most official events.

We plan to have 3 squads(Sq) with 2 fire teams(FT) each.

3rd Sq = casual players looking to have fun and just enjoy the game and mess around in the Wildlands looking for laughs and adventure. open to anyone who has passed the 2 week boot camp(no rank requirements) think of it like your average Marine grunt they just go and do whatever the hell they want and try not to get themselves killed too quickly

3rd (SQL)/ 1st FTL [MAD] DJ-Boss-Nasty > 1FT Member

3rd Sq 2nd FTL [MAD] Wood9663 > 2FT Member

2nd Sq = players that are more focused and have a desire to work on teamwork and small unit tactics. There will be the occasional all out gunfights but for 75% of tactics will fall on the stealthy side. This SQ will have some planning sessions and some briefs at start of gameplay as to an idea of what they want to accomplish and how to get it done. Think of this as your Rangers/MARSOC/TACPs They putting in work trying to be better every day and grow as a close knit unit but, still laugh at fart jokes. (Rank and game time required for leaders positions)

2rd Sq leader(SQL)/ 1st FT leader (Rank 20 Min) > 1FT Member

2rd Sq 2nd FTL (Rank 10 Min) > 2FT Member

1st Sq = the elite all out "Id give my right nut/boob for this game!" player. This is for the people who just cant let go of tactical life and will be as close to roleplaying as you can get without getting your mom involved. This sq will be required to brief at the start of each mission and will be played on hardest setting with or without hud as SQL dictates. Think of this squad as the real ghost/CIA/Delta/Seal team 6 group. a bunch of secret squirrels out getting their nuts. Recommended for the people who like BDSM and obsessed with being the best or the few who just miss PTSD. Ranks required for all positions in squad. Member will have to pass an indoc to be allowed in squad.

1rd Sq leader(SQL)/ 1st FT leader AKA HMIC (Rank 30 Min) [MAD] DJ-BOSS-NASTY > 1FT member (rank 10 min)

1rd Sq 2nd FTL [MAD] KingNotix > 2FT member (rank 10 min)

Other Task Force position that will be Open

Communications Officer (Comm. Off.) - Open
Communications NCOIC(Comm. SGT.) - Open
Designated Marksman Instructor (DMI) - Open
Designated Marksman Instructor (DMI) - Open
Intelligence Officer (INT.Off) - Open
Intelligence NCOIC (INT.SGT) - Open
Military Police Office (MPO) - Open
Military Police Office (MPO) - Open
Scout/Reconnaissance Officer (RECON.Off) - Open
Scout/Reconnaissance NCOIC(RECON.SGT) - Open
TaskForce Gomer Pyle (POG) - Open changes weekly

How To Join?

Please apply with your request of membership via task force with the info below.

Send the following info in the contact message
Name -
Player ID -
List any of the requirements you don't meet -
List any bonus you do meet -
What Sq and position you would like
*added points for jokes that make me laugh or cringe!


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Semper Fi and see you in the wildlands!

(If Down, you can also contact one of the two below)


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03-13-2017, 03:49 PM

psn: Daveygrave

-Military service active or retired, ( active duty Army, 1st Cav.)
- Located in the Midwest area.( central texas)
- Twitch or livestream account ( i have a twitch account and all the required bits, including OBS and a face cam, capture card)
- i have mic and am online most nights and weekends ( exceptions apply)
- already familiar with game mechanics, and already have some skills unlocked, as well as my personal favorite weapons.

looking to join up with 1tSQ, i want to have briefings, codenames, assigned roles etc.
my goal is to play full tactical with no HUD elements, and full stealth.

send a message or invite on psn for link up.