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03-11-2017, 10:43 PM
Hello everyone!

Xombie Inc. is looking for members interested in joining our Wildlands taskforce, who are we? you might ask... well, Xombie Inc is a multi game, PS4 clan/guild/crew/taskforce across multiple games, including Ghost Recon, GTA, ESO, Warframe, and a few others. Who am I? you might ask again.... well, I am What_The_Hejl (said like hail) and i am here to invite you to join us as we rampage across the map of Ghost Recon. I am one of the senior members of this group, and usually deal with tech stuff, such as running the forum, or the Band App. but enough about me! let me tell you about Xombie Inc!. we do not require you to do any sort of "training" with us, but we do have a few requirements for new members, which are as follows.

- Have a decent microphone
- Be mature, no age limit, but conduct yourself in a mature fashion.
- Speak at least basic English (we are based out of the USA)
- Respect those in leadership positions
- Participate in operations with other members
- Participate on the Xombie Inc chat threads on PS4 (this is how we get to know you)
- RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT. <--- VERY IMPORTANT. if a elder member asks/tells you to do something, you should probably do it, if you do not understand why they said what they said, ask them, in a respectable manner.
- Sexism, racism not permitted, yes, we have some female members.... no, they will not send you pictures. read above. RESPECT.

Other than that, we are a very friendly community of gamers from all walks of life, and look forward to doing some good old fashioned gaming with you in the future. Also, feel free to tell your friends, all are welcome here.

if you are interested in joining our taskforce, please feel free to message our leader on PS4 his ID is Daddy_Dry_Bone

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how can i be of assistance my man?

04-03-2017, 09:22 PM
Hey everyone, we are still accepting members if anyone is interested! hit us up! the more...the merrier!

see you in game!