View Full Version : Disconnect on the Victory Screen

03-11-2017, 04:59 PM
Is ****ing ****ty.

Fix your game. I'm trying to complete my orders and I get to the very end of the match with all the enemies killed and I get disconnected and no credit for completing it.

Fix this ****ing stupid ****. First off, whenever I get disconnected from a battle I should be given experience on my character AND steel as if I completed that match. Give me half, or a quarter, depending on the time left, I don't care. But spending 5 minutes fighting just to get disconnected and lose what I was going to get and lose all the credit for my ****ing orders is just added insult to injury.

If your connection becomes ****ty AFTER the victory screen the game tells you it will give you your rewards when the connection is good, but who ****ing loses connection after a battle?!? I want the credit that I'm deserved that this **** connection keeps ****ing up. I've had to play more than twice the skirmish matches I've needed to. Why do I need to do 5 skirmishes matches to complete an order that says to complete 2 skirmish matches?!