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03-11-2017, 02:16 AM
Well I am one of the many who are totally immersed and in awe of what the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild has achieved as a modern open world game

Will try and keep it short

[Meanwhile Ubisoft once again delivers a mediocre open-world game in Ghost recon wildlands]

Truly open ended design

1. The approach to each mission specifically shrines and dungeon can be so unique and your own personal experience because of the physics driven game
a. One example of this , In one of the missions you need to find a certain item to conduct electricity from point A to point B, I saw a person who failed to retrieve the item, solve it with collected metallic objects that did the job instead. He basically applied some hacky physics and the game oblidged,
I have seen people do crazy things with tools in this game , combining them in unprecedented ways

2. The map is open, you can go anywhere you want, but be ready to die a million times if you venture into difficult areas. You explore regions with little to no hand holding, figure it out is the motto of the open world, rather than go do this type of directional checklist open world adventure

3. A sense of discovery, on every corner , varied landscape to explore, tons of things to find and many meaningful side quests

Towers done right

1. Just like in AC there are towers, but each tower is guarded by a different obstacle, reaching the tower in itself is a AC II tomb like experience

2. The towers do not hamper your progress, they merely aid you to progress in an efficient way (Although some AC games dont hamper as well, but they do become chores eventually)

A story beautifully integrated to the world

1. Every aspect of the open world is part of the story from the races, to the castle , to the towers, the world in itself has a story associated with it , everything makes you want explore the world.

Collectibles/Chests/Economy done right

1. You come across random collectible, many items you get wont last for ever. Makes collecting them even more rewarding

2. No nothing is marked on your map. you see something, decide to take or not take it

3. Every penny you spend in this game should be carefully spent, things are priced right and even these things will eventually wear off or get destroyed

Not that AC games have not had these elements, but they were not highlighted or as tightly integrated to the narrative as in Zelda. Many of these features are spread across AC games like ACII and AC Black Flag. When I played Zelda, I imagined what AC could have accomplished with such a responsive world. Where even the tiniest bit of physics could make a difference in experience.

Hope we get a AC game that can match or beat Zelda's open world design.

Zelda Breath of the Wild to me is the best open world game I have ever played

03-12-2017, 04:04 AM
I hope the next game incorporates more of the RPG style too, like more variety of side quests and things to do, finds something new after the main story ended, that's the kind of game AC needs to be, but they must not forget to make a great story, because that's what people been waiting for since forever