View Full Version : LF> Ranked/Comp Team XBOX ONE

03-11-2017, 01:18 AM
Solid Xbox One player looking for a team for ranked or competitive. I play any role, I recommend letting me play Ash/Caveira though. I've ranked Platinum every season, just placed Gold 2 solo last night (haven't played rank yet this season but finally decided to last night). I have experience playing tournaments, I have call outs for majority of the maps besides Coastline and Skyscraper (haven't played them enough to learn them). Looking for a serious but friendly team at my skill level. Personally, I don't care about K/D, W/L is what matters IMO. If you or your team can't communicate, I will leave.

GameHub Stats:

2.59 W/L overall
1.57 K/D overall

Last season:

2.2 W/L
1.3 K/D

Attacker Mains:
- Ash
- Montagne
- Thermite

Defender Mains:
- Caveira
- Jager
- Frost

GT: Wolfsangriff