View Full Version : Someone Fix the Orochi!!!

03-11-2017, 01:18 AM
For the love of god will someone at Unidirectional please!! Do something about the Orochi. I don't know if it's the buffs other characters have been getting or what. But how is it that a light attack from an Orochi is 3-5 seconds slower than a peacekeeper or berserker??!!
It's bad enough we don't stay in guard when we hit the analog stick.
But now we attack slower. Guard slower. And even worse
Against a peacekeeper of berserker we can't even guard against them. It all registers as either not In guard. Or guarding too late.
Orochi are supposed to be assassin class. So how is it they can't keep up with the other two?!?!
It makes absolutely no sense.
The only way you could win, is by being cheap and shoulder rushing every 5 seconds, doing a light slash, then back to a rush.
And I'm not about to be that loser noob fighter.