View Full Version : Weapon bugs and dialogue loop !

03-10-2017, 09:51 PM
Hello Ubisoft and players,
I wanted to say some glitch-bugs i found :

-The GL25 grenade launcher on the AK-12 assault rifle is not showing on the weapon, but it works shooting wise.
-The Scorpion evo 3 submachine gun is missing all reload sounds
-I have a dialogue loop that restart (between team mates) every time i die or go to checkpoint, it is about "the Quinoa and cocaine" subject.
-I sometime have a team mate dialogue that is in spanish with no subtitles but the language i use is french.Weird.Also sometime i can hear a woman's voice, like it was replacing some guy in my team.
By the way i am on xbox one ,just to make sure.
Thanks, i dunno if someone as those problems.