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03-10-2017, 09:31 PM
Do you Nobushi mains remember seeing `trailer for the Nobushi and thinking, wow she is amazing and has a great play style, do you remember seeing her emotes in the trailer and thinking, woah I can't wait to do that to players that would be so cool, I remember. I've sunk over 80 or so hours into Nobushi and become rank 10 almost 11 and I love her to death but where are my cool emotes and ornaments? After the game came out there was so no cool curtsy or that beckon emote and all her ornaments are pretty much pointless. Whenever I see another Nobushi there either look plain as day or have that little flower just like me or the butterfly ornament, she is lacking in the fashion department and while i'm thinking about it why can't we have momijs hat from the samurai campaign that hats amazing and the flames on it I mean wow but no we get the same four looking hats where only one of them has a 3rd variation. I know other characters have this problem but i'm talking about the nobushi because she is my girl and I feel that a lot of her cool stuff that the trailer showed us is being held back so they can charge us like 5000, or 7000 steel like they've done with that new stupid crab ornament that has just come out at the time of writing this, I mean come on, a crab costing 5000 steel only a moron would buy that and just look what the other chracters got but regardless I love Nobushi but I want what I saw in the trailer and the campaign and If I have to pay steel then fine.

thanks for reading I hope you reply to this and tell me your thoughs if you feel the same about the Nobushi or any other character:p

03-10-2017, 11:30 PM
I main her as well and I would agree, not too many style options.

But I don't have as much experience with the other heros, so I'm not sure if this is a Nobushi issue or an issue across the board.

But I would totally be down for some more/better options, of course! I still haven't decided what to put on my hat, not a fan of the options so far