View Full Version : We need a real Faction Warfare mode

03-10-2017, 08:33 PM
I know that the current the matchmaking is designed to allow friends to play together regardless of faction. I still believe it would be great to have a real Faction Warfare mode.

Many many years ago back on XBox 360, there was a mech game called Chromehounds. It had faction warfare done right in my opinion.

You chose your faction side and joined specific teams that were like clans, and then attacked regions in need of support or territorial gains.

Currently in FH, we just place these invisible "ASSETS" in territories that are either losing or gaining. But we don't actually go there to fight ourselves. In Chromehounds you did. And it was fantastic. Sometimes when you attacked an area, there would be no opponents waiting in the lobby so you'd fight against the AI defenses. You keep attacking the area until it is captured and belongs to your faction.

I don't know how difficult it would be for FH to do this, but would be fantastic to see it happen.

I'd love to join an all Samurai team/faction and actually attack/defend the a territory.

Hopefully the devs has this in mind sometime in the future. I think their main. Thing right now is balancing the game.