View Full Version : Shugoki Problems

03-10-2017, 08:25 PM
When will they fix these things?

**Demons embrace**:

* Random bumps

* people being able to GB out,

* not confirming,

* completely inconsistent with some walls that you slide along when you should wall stun. (Costs shugoki like 1/3 health)

* Doesn't scoop jumping characters doing overhead jump they get a free warp through character model and overhead hit to the back + 1/3 health dmg.

**GB on parry**:

* Can be counter GB'd ... literally not supposed to be a thing.


* Characters being able to lock on even when he's 50 yards past. if its a lockon it wont miss.

And lately i've randomly having my Stam go from 100-0 on missed/randomly bumped grabs or light attacks blocked.