View Full Version : Ubisoft For Honor is Top Notch but...

03-10-2017, 08:16 PM
Hey, now im not about game mechanics or buffs nerfs or anything like that. Ubi the first thing y'all should've worried about is CONNECTIVITY. Like everthing in this game I love, It's a 10... but only when the connection is A1. Multiplayer is about 80% of this game bro, with this problem you HAVE to make sure you guys server are top notch. You could say maybe my internet is slow but I tested with my other games with multiplayer functions and they're smooth! The only problem is that I have to be the only one with the wifi on and every game works pretty well, but this game is getting ridiculous man. I mean make some pre-warnings for bad connection or if your internet is shaking you might have game drops but damn y'all, I come from work and put in For Honor, start the game, everything seems smooth, join the match then BOOM!!! your dropped. You know unsatisfying annoying that is? Especially if it happens consecutively? It's draining me and I'm ready to get half of what I paid for back! I appreciate this game A LOT Ubisoft but I hate it at the same time. Please focus on the servers. Make this game last you guys, it's a very creative fighting game, customization is down pack, graphics are top notch. Please don't waste a good game Ubi