View Full Version : [XB1] Extreme Team: Stealth, Tactics and Patience

03-10-2017, 05:17 PM

I'm looking to play with like-minded players. I love this game and am really enjoying it. I'm curious to play the Co-Op but would love to play with others that like to do team work, really stealthily and don't mind waiting to get the right head-shot.

I'm playing on Extreme with the markers switched off and aim-assist off. Not that I'm really good, I just love the challenge and I think it makes the game more immersive when the stakes are little higher.

I'm looking for (preferably):

- People in GMT timezone
- Mature players. Doesn't matter the age so long as you are 20+ but just be mature. I'm in my early 30's.
- Microphone is essential
- Enjoys stealth

Most of all this is for fun. I'm not the best player but I want to play this style with others and have a laugh. I can play most times during the week/weekend but after 00:00 I can't really use mic as it will wake housemates.

Currently I'm level 10 and only clearing out my second province. Taking my sweet time with this game.

I know that might be a lot to ask. There has to be like-minded individuals out there like me... its that interwebzzzzz :D

Thanks for reading.

Add me:

l Mister Pink l