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03-10-2017, 03:35 PM

I've been playing this game heavily since its release and am at a total Reputation of 12, will be 13 today when I level up my Orochi one more time. I've seen a lot of people's concerns and my agreement with them has varied, however I have come to generally agree that revenge mode is an issue that would be useful to fix. Adjusting revenge, I think, would have a trickle effect and help solve some of the other issues, such as the defense meta. I will say that it won't be enough, as currently parrying might be too strong and is a big contributor to the defense meta, but I'm not positive.

The point of these suggestions is to improve the mechanics of gameplay and people's general enjoyment of the various game modes while simultaneously changing the least amount of things.

My first suggestion is about gear. I don't think gear should be nerfed or weakened because the only thing on it that is truly frustrating is the revenge buffs. I think that the gear options should change to reflect a greater level of play style preference, because as it stands revenge mode is the superior option regardless of class and play style. These are my alternative suggestions:

Helm - Debuff Resistance, Revenge Mode Duration, Exhaustion Recovery
No change. I think Revenge mode without gear is a tad too short and so I think it's fair for people to attempt to make it longer. Keep reading, please.

Arms - Block Damage Resistance, Revive Speed, Stamina Regeneration
No change.

Chest - Execution Health Regeneration, Block Damage, Sprint Speed
No change.

Weapon I - Attack, Defense, Stamina Cost Reduction
No change.

Weapon II - Throw Distance, Feat Damage, Stamina Drain Increase
Replaced the Revenge buffs because the only thing that you should be able to increase is its duration, which will be much less appealing with the loss of its performance buffs and more difficult to enter without the increased gaining. Feat Damage increases the damage of feats. Feats should not scale off Attack damage from your weapon, they should have their own stat. Stamina Drain Increase increases the amount of stamina damage that you deal to enemies with your abilities, such as parrying. Some classes will get more out of this than others, like the Lawbringer, but many of the gear stats are already better for some classes and worse for others. That's part of the point of gear.

Weapon III - Feat Cooldown Reduction, Buff Duration, Throw Resistance
Again, I replaced the revenge buffs. Buff Duration is the reverse of Debuff Resistance. Buff Duration is the partner to Feat Damage, as Buff Duration will improve the buffing feats, like Fear Itself, Sharpen Blades, Inspire, Rush, Fury, etc. Throw Resistance will counter Throw Distance and will allow players a way passively to counter being thrown by reducing the distance they themselves are thrown. Shugoki might scoff at this stat, but I'm sure the assassins may appreciate it. They're so light and easily tossed. Did I design this stat because I've been thrown by a Warlord one too many times? Maybe, shut up.

I have further suggestions as well, but I think the above changes would greatly improve the game. What do you guys think? Are there different gear stats that would be better or that you'd prefer?

1) Guard Break Interruptions. I don't think you should ever be unable to interrupt a guard break. The devs have said, I believe, that the parry + gb was not intentional. I'm assuming they mean the uncounterable guard break and not the ability to guard break. Why shouldn't you get a guard break off after a parry? You can get most things off after a parry, that's the incentive for many classes that don't have ripostes. I think that guard breaking after a parry should not be uncounterable. Other than that, I think it's fine. I think this will help mitigate the defensive reliance.

2) Guard Break Dodging. I don't think you should have an uncounterable guard break when you use it against someone who dodges. I like that guard breaking tracks dodgers and that it's a good counter to dodging, but it should be counterable itself. Assassins rely on dodging while the other classes rely on blocking. Guard breaking is a valid counter to people who guard too much as well as people who dodge too much, however, people who block too much can easily counter the guard break with a guard break counter, the dodgers do not have this luxury. I think that the dodgers should be able to counter the guard break the same way the blockers do.

3) I don't think many people will like this idea, but I think blocking and dodging ought to require a little stamina. Just a little, just enough to make people think "should I dodge right now?" or think "instead of blocking, I should attack, because if I don't attack I'll be out of stamina before I've even damaged my enemy." Dodging, I think, should be about 5% of the stamina bar, meaning you can dodge 20 times. Maybe increase it a little so you can do it like 14-16 times. I think it should be similar to light attacks in regards the stamina consumption. Blocking I think should be done in one of two ways. The first way is simply make it identical to the dodge cost, however, I think the second way would be way cooler, though take more work. Block stamina cost should be based on the attack. Heavy attacks should require more stamina to block than light attacks. Heavy weapons should take more than lighter weapons. The flail should take a lot, the poleaxe should take more, the shugoki should take the most. The glaive should take a good amount, the spear should be moderate. The longsword and nodachi should take some, the axes some. The sword, dagger, and katana should take only a little. Shield users should take less stamina than anyone else when blocking. Etc. This last suggestion, I think, would help prevent the defensive game play as well, but it's a little bit more complicated and really is more like a pipe dream. I should clarify, when exhausted, dodging and blocking should not require stamina. Otherwise exhaustion would mean certain death.

All in all, I think this game is mighty fun and I don't have many problems with the current game play. My experience hasn't been like a lot of others have voiced on this forum, but I do see where a lot of them are coming from.

03-10-2017, 04:21 PM
No one liked my suggestions :(