View Full Version : Ability to Sync Shot With HUD Markers OFF- Skill Points

03-10-2017, 06:57 AM
I noticed I can mark targets for Sync Shot with Markers ON and turn off the Markers option and Sync Shot works. Is there anyway to patch the Sync Shot feature to enable it with HUD Markers OFF? I'm tired of looking at red dots. It feels like I'm just shooting dots. I'm well in to the game is this has my biggest annoyance.

Secondly, I upgraded my Weapons Points and without paying attention now my loadout is ridiculous and totally arcade (not realistic). Is there anyway to add a feature to subtract those skill points or redispurse them? This game is starting to remind me too much of Mercenaries. I haven't upgraded lots of my skills in doing so this will turn in to an arcade shooter without any ability to revert it back for
long term play ability.

Otherwise great job