View Full Version : This is the most flawed game I've ever played.

03-10-2017, 05:57 AM
I remember watching the trailers to this game and thinking of how much I couldn't wait to get my hands on Ubisoft's for honor. There is a lot that was done well with this game. I actually have overall enjoyed my experience so far. But For Honor is the biggest jumble**** of characters thrown into a multiplayer game without any consideration to balance I have ever seen. I understand it may even out eventually and it's not like I'm going anywhere. This game just naturally appeals to me. But wow Ubisoft, what happened???

The first mistake in my opinion was having an open beta 3 days before release. You never considered how different types of people with different attitudes towards the game would diffuse together. Most people during the closed beta and alpha are completely different than the people who picked it up off release because they saw the trailer a few days before and thought it looked cool.

What do I mean? Well, for example,(it should be noted that I was not part of the closed beta or alpha) before release there wasn't a huge difference between the number of people playing each character. Now we have an overhead spamming orochi or a light attack whirlwind peacekeeper every game. Now obviously there's the "git gud" response I see on every thread. But why should I get good? What's the point if wherever I go there are serious flaws with almost every character's move set??? And with most new people, throw the move set out of the window! All you need it your light attack and you're guaranteed success!

I'm off on a tangent here. Maybe while I'm traveling on this tangent going nowhere I'll find a raider that has a fair chance against any other character in this game. Or I'll find anyone on the planet that can beat a decent warlord.

My point is, at the moment, the difference between the characters and how they intermingle together is leaving me scratching my head!! Are they meant to have direct counters? If so please tell me who counters warlord at the moment, or anyone with a damn shield for that matter. Is this a game where you can match your style of play with a character? If so, you're basically telling me Ubisoft is $***ing on my style of play. I main orochi. I chose him because he is a counter attacker. I quickly learned that that is the biggest joke I've ever heard. The only counter attack that orochi has is a deflect! WHOOPIE a free light unblockable attack that is almost laughable at! If you ask me, orochi is one of the main attackers in the game. He dashes around, guardbreaks into an overhead, storm rushes into two overhead lights and finishes you with a guard break.

You can ask any lawbringer what they do against an orochi and the answer is probably "pray". I'm just so confused on how these characters are supposed to mix with each other in the ideal game.

Now that the amazing servers have been fixed, what's next? In my opinion, some characters need a total re-kit (that's you, raider). You can't change the stats on a couple moves on a character and expect people to play them differently.

What's your opinion on how For Honors characters work so far?