View Full Version : Orochi blocking needs to be faster, can't block PK

03-10-2017, 05:12 AM
Before I begin, shut the **** up I know about the block timing, that's not what this is about in the slightest.
These are the things that bug me about fighting PK's as Orochi.

Even if you can block/parry the PKs first attack as other characters with full block. Orochi's reflex block is god awful for some reason. There is a quite noticable delay from when you move the thumbstick/mouse to block, and when your character actually blocks. This delay is more than enough time for a PK to get a light attack in, and even after taking a hit you still don't have time to bring up your sword to block the second hit. Some of you will say **** like "Ha git gud Orochi is about deflecting you're a scrub if you can't use that." If there isn't time to block, how in the actual hell do you think there is time to get a deflect in? Don't even get me started about how you get stunned after a light attack hit, where it prevents you from even dodging to use a deflect. For deflect to be viable, dodging should be a LOT more responsive.