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03-10-2017, 04:57 AM

My first issue is a bug i have now seen twice in co op. It does not happen in solo play, because as you will read, the nature of the issue. The bug is that the enemy ai will sync out and show differently between what i see and my friend sees. In other words we will be tracking a soldier / intel officer what have you and i will see him still in the building while my team mate is over comms telling me he is moving down the street or vice versa. However if i fire hes dead in the building but in my friends game he will die in the street where he sees him.

Luckily when it happened for the second time tonight i was able to see what caused the sync to happen. In my screen the enemy got stuck going down stairs and walked into the railing and kept trying to walk into the railing. In my team mates game he properly moved down the stairwell and across the courtyard to where my friend was.. In this case since he was an intel officer my friend grabbed him to interrogate. When he did this, the intel officer disappeared from my view (still stuck on the railing) and ended up over where my friend was. .

I believe whenever the ai gets stuck on an obstacle and cannot traverse it, if it does not happen in both players session the ai will sync out between the co op teammates. Keep in mind this is just a guess at what the cause is and hopefully this can be confirmed by other players who have seen this. Due to the possible cause being ai getting stuck on the environment this is almost impossible to recreate on command.

My second issue is how long does it take for ubisoft support to get back to people? I preordered the regular edition via the the xbox store directly on the console. However i have yet to receive a code regarding the Peruvian Connection (this is free for all versions for preordering). I waited a couple days figuring there was probably a backlog however now that people are receiving their codes i reached out to ubisoft support via email 12 hrs ago. In the meantime i also contacted microsoft via chat since they were not backed up. MS saw my record of purchase and confirmed it was clearly a preorder and that all codes will have come from ubisoft. There was no code they could provide me with. I should mention i also provided ubisoft support a screenshot of my email receipt, clearly showing the date of purchase (feb 27th) so they know it was a preorder and not a post launch purchase.

I realize it has only been 12 hrs, however i figured since i was posting about the bug i thought i would ask about this as well and kill two birds with one stone as were.

Thank you for reading.


03-10-2017, 06:40 PM
Any feedback on this? Has anyone else seen this?

Thank you in advance for any information anyone can provide.

03-10-2017, 08:47 PM
I was playing with friends and my cousin last night and my cuz had enemies where I had none. I was being detected by those same enemies, but no enemies were visually present for me and I was not being hit by any shots made by them, but my cousin was being killed by them. My other two friends who were in the same session didn't see them either. My cuz then got Delta'd, so I guess it was all on his end cause it seemed to clear up after he rejoined. Still, weird to be spotted by enemies not there for me, and watch my cousin shooting at walls and out into open space :rolleyes: