View Full Version : Mk17 Mag Color Bug

03-10-2017, 04:11 AM
Not that big of an issue but still, it has to do with the weapon customization and it's one of the reasons I bought this game. The bug is that I am not able to change de color of the mag on the Mk17. It will always stay the same color as the main body of the gun. For example, if i first put a green camo paint on the gun, the mag will be green as well, but then I can go in the weapon parts customization menu and change the mag color specifically to black. It will appear black in the customization menu but as soon as i quit the menu the mag will immediaty go back to green and it will stay green in game too. It does this with every paints i tried, if i chose a blue paint the mag will always stay blue, if i chose a grey paint the mag will always stay grey,etc. It only does this with the mag and only on the Mk17 though. I tried messing around with it a couple times but there's no way I can change the mag color and it ****s with me cause it's my favorite weapon and I would really appreciate to be able to fully customize it the way I want. Hope it can be fixed, Thanks!

EDIT: Only does it with the 20 rounds mag. Just picked up the 30 rounds mag and the color works fine i am able to change it like everything else.