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03-10-2017, 02:28 AM
So when are you guys going to address the revive mechanic in Elimination? I understand that being a team player and picking up fallen comrades and winning together sounds fun. And I'm okay with that, my problem is when I'm the last one lefted because my team died in under 3 mins and I'm the last one lefted and still working on the guy I have to constantly poke people off of bodies. I can't execute any of them because they would hit me out the animation or if I'm in revenge mode will get 4-5 free hits on me. I can fight them off but unable to execute so there's always someone playing medic and eventually it's a slow death followed by teabags. Can you atleast remove revives when there's one person lefted standing or lower the revive speed? Because people are coming back up in under 2 secs and it's very frustrating to deal with as a nobushi, as any class to begin with.

03-10-2017, 02:55 AM
I have killed 3 people on the enemy team when I was the last one standing several times, so it's doable.
I'm not sure they can go in a direction which encourages or makes it any easier for one lone survivor to win the match.
Should they even? Technically, the other team did far better and deserves the win far more.
The major issue when you are last man standing, is not how do we make it easier for you to now win, but why is your team full of such noobs.
You have to at some point acknowledge the superiority of the team that has slaughtered your 3 team mates.