View Full Version : I should have known better.

03-09-2017, 10:02 PM
I should have known better than to trust Ubisoft with another online game that charges full price for almost nothing in return, the game mechanics are enticing and the designs are good (spare ledges) minus some balancing, but the game was enticing and I played the closed beta and the open beta with much joy and when the games crashed constantly I assumed it was because it was a beta and that everyone and their mother was playing it. however once the game came out I was disappointed to see that they have removed all the gameplay mechanics and turned it into a customization and loading simulator with a medieval theme because I'd wait for a game to start and then I would joyfully run to the first point and be greeted by and axe wielding error code because every game I played in the 4 hours I tried to play over the course of four days I had not completed one game, maybe I'd get close but never finish and because anything you do only counts once you finish the match you play you don't get anything for a match that crashes so even if I did get the required kills for a challenge I wouldn't complete it because it crashed halfway through and this goes for every single game mode and it's not my connection because everyone else is having the same problem and the connection symbol on the score board is almost always green for me. Even after half the player base has left and it's just me and other thick skulled idiots who think there is still a chance. Speaking of thick skulled idiot the 4v4 mode is complete trash and just a cluster**** of revenge 1v4s and getting carried halfway across the map into a pit.
This is an exact repeat of R6 where the server are trash and either due to people leaving the game or Ubisoft somehow getting off their *** and listening to the player base and actually doing something about these problems and investing themselves in their games post launch in more ways than some DLC and a season pass because personally, I'd like to get my 80 dollars worth.
If there is anyone reading this who hasn't gotten the game DO NOT GET IT.

Update: day 20, I still have not recived any xp and the servers are empty.