View Full Version : To the devs: I don't want this game to leave the mainstream

03-09-2017, 09:09 PM
For Honor is a great game and I love playing it, even though I'm trash and play on a keyboard.

This game is ounces from being one of the coolest games around, even though it's viewers are stagnating.

Dominion is a stupid mode. The minions act as a single mechanic that at best stagnates the meta and influences balance changes. This has resulted in heros who are boring. Dominion does have a steady viewer base now, but it's not growing and I'm not seeing new players who are progressing the meta behind combat; rather they're regressing it into it's basic factors and falling into the ****hole SFV is dying in.

Put more players in Dominion, alter the maps, and get rid of minion pushing. Soften the difference between the middle-ground characters and assassins/heavies and make it a war mode between groups of human players. Don't let this **** die, it's so cool already.