View Full Version : Inconsistent clothing textures?

03-09-2017, 08:47 PM
Edit: I'm am idiot guys. The armor plates do these visual changes due to the current primary weapon (upper-most weapon slot) you have equipped.. For example; If you have a sniper it will show some ammo pouches a radio and some sniper rounds on the vest and slightly differs on each vest. There are different themes of vests for each type of weapon. Awesome detail.

Has anyone else noticed inconsistent details in the clothing? Specifically body armor\vests? On a friends character I noticed that when he's wearing the IBA. Heavy or not, it shows a blood pouch on his chest. However with my characters IBA heavy or not it does not show a blood pouch. It only shows the radio also shown on the Molle body armor. And other inconsistent details like magazine pouches not changing or appearing.