View Full Version : Keeps freezing up the Xbox when travelling to a new province.

03-09-2017, 05:59 PM
Yesterday I read about the T5Xi Tactical Scope, a 6x scope for sniper rifles, that's located at Huertas Mine in the Koani province.
I kept trying to make the trip from the starting province Itacua but the game keeps freezing up completely when getting 4-6km away from the mine.
I've tried flying there, driving there, even walking there from a camp in the north of San Mateo. But it keeps freezing up, freezes that require a hard reset of the console.
From the camp in north San Mateo it froze up just by opening the map once as well.
I can tell when it's going to happen because the ground textures don't load in properly.
Had no freezes when travelling around Itacua, some freezes occured when heading north in San Mateo, incredibly frustrating because I really want that scope.
I will try heading to Monte Puncu tonight to get the Digital Scope instead, wish me luck :)
Disc copy, might it help to re-install the game ?