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03-09-2017, 07:08 AM
Now I know it's easy to say "PK's are OP," and "Warlord too stronk," but it seems to me people consistently leave out a major factor when assessing their enemies. Maybe you're just not that good.

Seriously, the game isn't perfectly balanced, there will inherently be stronger and weaker characters; this is pretty normal for a fighting game. But this game's community has got to be one of the most awful, most toxic and nastiest mess' I've ever seen. If you lose a duel, it CLEARLY wasn't your fault. It was because they used a Warlord! Everyone knows Warlords are too strong! YOU didn't lose 3 to 0. Everyone knows that playing PK means they automatically win! That Warden didn't outplay you. He's just got too many unfair options.

If you've screamed these things at your computer or even mumbled them to yourself while weeping silent (totally manly; definitely) tears, I'm sorry to say, it's not the game... it's you. You are just plain bad. You can't dodge the Warlord headbutt. You can't parry the PK's dance. You can't read the Warden's mixups. But don't worry! You can get better! You can practice and eventually throw around enemies that originally gave you trouble! The first step is just admitting that you currently suck.

Obviously we've all had problems with balancing. No one is immune to the occasional rant about how the Nobushi bleeds too much or how the Berserker... well nevermind about the Berserker. But what separates this fanbase is who's fault it is. Is it UBISOFT'S fault for making unbeatable characters? Well then have fun dying and ragequitting. Is it YOUR fault for not reacting as well as you should have? Well have fun adapting and growing like a real human being. You, sir or madam, are awesome.