View Full Version : Spikes and holes in duels

03-09-2017, 06:11 AM
OK, you probably guessed it, spikes and holes in duels are the dumbest thing ever. This is a fighting game. People want to duel based on skill not citcumstances. You have maps that force you in very close spaces where you cannot avoid spikes and holes AT ALL. Your only solution is to 100% counter GB to avoird insta-death. That's a serious issue. Missing a counter GB makes ou die instantly. Can you spell UNBALANCED? The success of a GB on these maps are waaaaaaay to powerful. Almost everytime I am in these type of maps, the entire fight turns around GBing the other player into the hole before he does it to you. Again, this undermines For honor's wonderful combat system.

I fought a Warlord once for 5 round; 2 rounds I droped him to 0 and I still had ~80% HP left.I mean I was DESTROYING the poor bastard and I'm not even good at this game. 3 rounds I droped him near 15-20% HP while I had 50-90% of my HP left but unfortunatly I MISSED ONE GB counter. This match scared me for life. The irony of it is; I actually GBed him 2-3 times before he GBed me but, we happened not to be anywhere near ledges, HE succeed ONCE after 3-4 try did it and lucky him, on 3 occasion, with is directional push, threw me into a hole. I am being objective here. This doesn't make any f*cking sense. I mean I don't want to be an *** but the player was really not good but circumstance and gameplay decisions from the DEVS gave him a FREE win. I lost this fight but clearly I was a better player this fight. I am dumbfounded that I can be completly destroying a player like this and still lose. /rant off

What's the logic here? Why do they give the player the ability to one shot each other in duels? Why not offer the option for duels to remove these dumb situations and see who's REALLY good at swordplay. If I want the avoid dying in holes I'll just go play Mario Bros! :o