View Full Version : Possible Revenge and Gear Fix

03-09-2017, 04:25 AM
Lots of people rolling around with 108 gear now and its not so much a problem to face when you've got 108 yourself. For example I've got the viking faction all rocking at least lv 80 gear and the Valkyrie with 108. However if I try to play someone new like a kensei with lv 0 gear.....I get face rolled. Not like new to character face rolled I mean I hit that warden once he revenged and one shot me when I hit the dirt. The problem exists in the revenge system for one and one other decision Ubi made that probably shouldn't have existed in the first place. Why does gear grant stats? It creates an imbalance in the game that is completely unavoidable so long as the match making process doesn't consider gear level into the game. I get that the developers wanted a sense of progression but honestly progression is felt every time you play and get better at the game. For Honor has often been compared to fighting games and as any competitive fighting gamer would tell you the progression is in learning how to be better. The ins and outs, tricks and combos. For Honor has that same feel. Gear providing stats right now is an addition to the formula that doesn't work because it can give the worse player the edge he needs to come out on top anyway and then nobody gets any better at the game and people get pissed. BUT if they remove gear stats then the only incentive to buy steel and scavenge gear would be cosmetic (it should have only ever been cosmetic). Then Ubisoft is going to take a hit as less people buy steel seeing as theirs limited function. Of course make the gear create defining differences appearance wise instead of just another slight variant on the same and people would pick up steel based solely on cosmetic value.....but fact remains that Ubi wants to cash in on people buying the bigger, better gear.

Now revenge. I get that people want to have a fighting chance against 2v1 or 4v1 and here I think the system is way over complicated. There never needed to be some big revenge game mechanic and the answer isn't an overhaul to the core way of playing the game. Remove revenge entirely and make it so hitting a teammate causes full damage to them, not reduced. Right now I can peg my buddy in the back of his head some 6 or 7 times with a heavy and he will walk it off like nothing happened. In a team fight that means we can cluster around a guy and just start swinging like crazy and hope we kill the guy before he revenge kills us. There's no strategy and it sure as hell doesn't encourage people to fight fairly. There are so many places on the maps where breaking off and running back onto a bridge could force a 1 on 1, using your head to even the odds when outnumbered. But that doesn't work if we can just keep smacking each other around. Force players to try and 2 v 1 by playing intelligent angles, one from the front the other circles around. Let people who are stuck on the wrong side of a 2 v 1 pull off tricks like throwing your buddy directly in the way of your fully charged shugoki heavy attack for a quick come back. So long as people can just keep wailing on their own friends these clusters will keep happening as there's no repercussions. Revenge mode didn't help it only made things worse. And if grieving is the problem here follow up on your report system. A whole team reporting one guy for team killing should cause some kind of punishment.