View Full Version : Mission rewards not given

03-09-2017, 01:37 AM
While playing two player co-op me and a buddy were doing the last mission in Montuyoc where you have to kill Carl Bookhart. We got to the last room where Bookhart was and I ultimately sniped him from the door way. This is where the game screwed up. I was met with a blackening screen where it showed "The vehicle has been destroyed" and then mission failed.

Both my buddy and I were doing the same mission and were in the same room as the mission failed. Therefore we were met with the shrinking Ghost skull and respawned away from the mission area. We both were confused since the mission objective was kill Bookhart and had nothing to do with a vehicle. But since it came across as a mission failed we were just going to do it again, no big deal it is an easy mission. The mission was no longer available. It is showing as completed in the mission window and no longer on the map.

Bookhart is also showing as alive in the cartel screen (when you zoom out completely in the map and you can see all the cartel bosses). As you know when you kill the boss of a region it shows up red in the cartel screen, but Bookhart is still showing in yellow. I can't complete the game now because I can't kill Bookhart. I have tried joining other players that havent completed that mission but when I did it just lets me "replay" the mission and I do not get the rewards or the completion for the mission.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

03-14-2017, 12:57 PM
I have the same problem too man. Except mine is with El Pulpo. Mission complete but still showing him under white not red. Because of this glitch I can't face the beauty queen or under boss. I have contacted UBISOFT LIVE SUPPORT and they have escalated this bug. Have you found a solution method yet or nah.

Also in the next patch notes I read somthing about the patched a problem where the bosses would not re-initial after a mission failed on a REPLAYED MISSION.....maybe this might be our problem fixer????