View Full Version : Ubisoft don't care about people. Only money

03-08-2017, 08:04 PM
Rainbow six seige NEEDS TO BE FIXED PROPERLY. That means no quick fix crap. Your game is so broke it's now pissing me and many other people off. Ubisoft I know you only want money but if you listened to people you would get 10x more. I gave you free game Improvements and a whole new game concept which would improve this but I got nothing. People want games to play that aren't half arsed (r6s) it's not difficult it's just time consuming (which you have lots of). The fact that you dont fix simple problems is appalling and frankly your company is just made to a money hore. Stop ignoring problems and start fixing them. You should also think about jackles ability not realistic what so ever. The gaming community deserves more than what you give. Sort yourselfs out.