View Full Version : My thoughts, 20 hours in and avid Ubi gamer

03-08-2017, 05:20 PM
So, have played pretty much every Ubi AAA game, been gaming for 20 years with some game modding experience.

My two pennies are as follows in order

Good game, lacks a little polish but you cant create something so large and it be flawless with time limits to boot

Case in point...Unity vs Syndicate.

It has some great points guys and its beautiful and im not here to moan about personal preferences when this is out there for millions, but these things REALLY should be fixed.

Helo controls - Implimenting Yaw would be a task and a half and once you get used to it, it isnt required. HOWEVER this is a huge complaint that I thought would have been fixed - and its the 'Helo on rails auto pitch'. Why does it does this??? Whenever im near ground or going towards mountains/taking off, the pitch yanks the helo up 45 degrees or more and stops it still. Its about as fluid as a drunk person walking in a straight line.

Throttle issues with vehicles - Ok getting used to the controls isnt easy, but it doesnt matter what I try the throttle sometimes sticks, and its a BUG with the Xbox Elite Controller.
If you have the x2 paddles in the rear of the controller you cannot fly or ride motorbikes, the accelerator DOES NOT WORK. Remove one stick and it works. Minor issue I know but when I spend so much on a decent controller for a game orientated at the casual AND 'pro' gamers amongst us this is a pants bug!

HUD options - Have been changed a bit from Beta, but still lack diversity. I play with the HUD off, but im also a massive completionist when it comes to games. Having the HUD off with Ironsights aiming is so much more immersive...BUT I end up missing collectables in certain areas. My request? An option to turn off Red Dots on the MINI MAP.

Issues that arent issues

The Dark - people seem to be moaning about this? [Tv settings&gamma/brightness] But I love that youve brought back some Splinter Cell with the invidiual light shooting/casting.
Planes & boats - Actually work fine and you can do barrel rolls etc

Slight Disappointments I wish had made it in game

Torches - Red dots mint - torches and other colour dots would of been great.
Unless im missing something? Missile Launchers/RPGs would greatly help as even with x4 taking out a helo isnt the easiest, and its quite unrealistic shooting them down, unless you manage the 'kill the pilot' shot.

Theres a few more niggles here and there, but overall a good game, and a great job with the map/weather.