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03-08-2017, 05:13 PM
I love the game. Been playing none stop and did so in pre release too. I never saw any of the things I've been seeing now that people are higher prestige in any of the testing pre-release.

I'd say Ubi has to act fast or the player base will fall off and no new players will come. I love the game and I'm half thinking of putting it down and waiting for a patch and I've literally bought a wildcat an elite controller for this game and got the gold version, and spent another 70 on steel to buy outfits and emotes.

Example - Saw a PC get revenge constantly and hold down a zone in dominion by themselves. It wasn't that they were incredibly good. They simply got revenge after defending maybe 3 hits. There were 2 attackers there several times during the match but basically the pc was in constant revenge. I didn't witness it but my group mate said they actually built up revenge again once when it was just them before the first revenge wore off. So IMHO revenge needs some work. I was hesitant to complain when I saw others doing it on the forum because rank 1 and 2 seemed pretty balance. It's not the case after you get super high gear scores.

I said this in another post but i'll say it again.

Feats - They should NOT stack, and should not be affected by gear score. This seems like a bug.
Feats - Any feat that builds revenge should be deleted if revenge isn't going to get a major nerf with respect to how quickly it can be built.

Revenge - Revenge should not be able to gotten in a single fight IMHO and there should be some sort of cool down or it should built a pile slower the second time even in gank situations. You shouldn't be able to be in revenge constantly the way it is now. (again not an issue pre prestige 3 and below a gear score of say 70)

I also think some of the characters guardbreaks are too fast - AKA Orochi. Seems just a little too fast in comparison to others.

03-08-2017, 05:32 PM
When revenge is over you should be exhausted and vulnerable

03-08-2017, 07:12 PM
When revenge is over you should be exhausted and vulnerable

Not a bad idea. I'd be ok with it having a bit of a cool down or simply NOT building as fast especially in single combat. 1 on 1. I've not met anyone who thinks that is ok.

03-08-2017, 07:39 PM
I really hope they fix it a bit. I really want this game to last and expand. It's very unique. I'm SOOO sick of shooters. This game is a great MP melee game. It will be nice to see if they can fix a few things, expand the playerbase and start building new modes and stuff. Like some more strategic types. I love that map with the levers you pull. More trap like boards would be cool that we can interact with environment to change it.. or close gates, or traps and so on. A conquest type mode where we have to fight our way through yada yada and capture points all way to the end would be nice too.

03-08-2017, 08:10 PM
Was that me? Because voer the last couple of days I have had multiple instances in Dominion where I held the opposing zone mostly or entirely by myself against multiple waves, and it was definitely in large part thanks to revenge mode.
However, I never got revenge mode when being 1v1ed, and the reason I was able to get it so fast and often the rest of the time is because of the entire group trying to spam heavy attacks on me, which means I'm getting 3-4 blocks at a time, which will definitely build up your revenge mode really fast. Furthermore, after I procced revenge, they all kept doing the same thing, leaving them wide open to be slaughtered.

For example, I had a match last night against 4 guys Rep1 and below, only one of them even had blue equipment. I would still get revenge, but I couldn't keep it running near constantly, because they timed their attacks and threw in GBs to keep me from getting multiple blocks and open me up for attacks.

But when a team just tries to dogpile with no real strategy to the attacks beyond "Get him everyone", you're asking to get revenged to death.

03-08-2017, 08:27 PM
Yeah as the poster above was alluding to is you need to change your playstyle up as you play with higher geared people. The gang up and slash and spam tactic won't really work anymore. The lower tier fighting is so you can learn your character and it's moves.

You can build revenge by blocking, parrying, and dodging according to the tooltip so you need to use other moves besides attack when fighting. The moves that remove control of the other person character. Some examples are guard break, charges, shield bashes, throws, headbutts. And if all else fails just run when he revenges till it wears off then restart a different strategy that doesn't involve over the top heavys.

You can easily beat a revenge spammer by incapacitating them and chipping away with side lights or timing your heavys when his back is turned. Hope this helps.