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09-20-2004, 03:16 PM
will we be able as captains to roam the seas looking for targets or are we stuck to missions as in sh2 i.e if you dont complete a mission you have to start from the start again i.e sail from starting post complete mission returnto same port to go onto next mission as that sucked in sh2..

09-20-2004, 03:16 PM
will we be able as captains to roam the seas looking for targets or are we stuck to missions as in sh2 i.e if you dont complete a mission you have to start from the start again i.e sail from starting post complete mission returnto same port to go onto next mission as that sucked in sh2..

09-20-2004, 04:10 PM
apparently a combination of the two. You can't go "anywhere" because this is totally unrealistic. But the contracts within your assigned patrol zone will be somehow randomized.

I think its more like the campaign in SH1.

09-21-2004, 12:59 AM
Um no there will indeed be a fully dynamic campaign in SH3 like the one in AOD, which is the very reason they delayed the game.

09-21-2004, 05:46 AM
thanks for the reply,
when i said right to roam i ment within your patrol area oops,also are there any images of how much damage the uboat can take before it sinks,

09-25-2004, 03:07 PM
Unfortunately, I think there is still some debate and confusion over the exact meaning of dynamic.

09-25-2004, 04:15 PM
The FAQ at subsim make are very clear IMHO. There will be a FULLY DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN !!

As you can read (item E-1) the sim initially had no dynamic campaign at all , but the team decided posponed the release date in order to include a fully dynamic campaign !!

Especially read item E-7, E-8 and E-19 !

- - - - -
E) Missions and campaigns

E-1) What kind of campaigns can we expect?
SH3 will offer players a campaign mixing dynamic elements with scripted elements. However, the main strength of the campaign will be the alternatives it offers the players: multiple theatres of operations, a crew progressing along with the player, access to upgrades depending on player€s performance including access to experimental weapons and technologies.

E-2) What kind of missions will there be?
SH3 will try to cover several types of mission inspired from the real actions of U-boats ranging from normal patrols with free roaming of the ocean in a patrol area to more historical scenarios inspired from real naval battles. Players will get a chance to be involved in single ship hunting, convoy battles in wolfpacks or cooperate with surface and air units in attacking enemy targets. Among other features, the player will have the option to replenish at sea, as well as access to reconnaissance plane assistance.

E-3) Some additional campaign info from Neal's E3 visit
The campaign will use a branching career style. After completing a mission you will have a choice of one of three new missions. Once you accept one, the next three choices that follow will be different than the other two choices you did not take. Missions begin in the U-boat pens or shop where you will designate repairs, upgrades, and manage your crew awards. When you start a patrol, you are given orders and a patrol zone to travel to. There will be an Aces-style cinematic of your sub leaving post. Then you will study the grip map and a red line will mark your subs progress to the patrol zone, similar to using time compression in Aces/SH1 while watching the map. Now get this--there will be chance encounters of solo ships and convoys between port and your patrol zone, so in much the same way Silent Service II worked, you will have a dynamic campaign. The odds of running into an unreported ship or convoy vary, much the same as it does in real life.
So, unlike SH2, where the career campaign always started out in the middle of the patrol zone and the ships were always the same, SH3 will allow you to sail to the patrol zone with the possibility of meeting unexpected ships. I inquired about letting the player interrupt the grid map travel session and be able to take the bridge at any time but Tiberius said at this point that is not planned. If you did manage to stop the travel routine, there would be nothing but empty sea anyway.

E-4) Some (bad) news from the Gamespy preview
Not surprisingly, missions require you to destroy boats. Specifically, you'll be required to sink a certain tonnage of enemy vessels. There is a variety of Atlantic naval theatres during World War II, including the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic. There are 100 missions arranged in a branching campaign format, with the longest single campaign running a length of 24 missions. The developers of the game stress that you're not going to be able to win the Atlantic for the Nazis.

E-5) Some info from the Boomtown preview
As opposed to submarine game classics like Aces of the Deep, you don€t play a vast free campaign in Silent Hunter III, which is a deliberate choice the developers have made to make you experience the course of history and not alter it. Instead the game presents you with a non-linear campaign which branches as you play and varies in length according to how well you do.
E-6) What about the Mission Editor?
From the SH2 community we learned that is essential to give the fans the tools to take the game further. The mission editor included with the game should satisfy this expectation.

E-7) July 2nd - GREAT NEWS from the SHIII dev team
After several weeks of debate, we have decided to put more efforts into the development of dynamic campaigns. The feedback received from the community played an important role in this decision. Of course, this will affect the development planning and we are now expecting to release the game in Q1 2005.
For the SH3 dev team it's a great opportunity to improve the game and even add some new features that were not considered mainly because of time constraints.
We never answered until now your main question: "Will SH3 have a Dynamic Campaign?" The main reason was that it is very hard to define in our opinion what this means. Certainly, everybody (in the submarine simulation community has a list of "must-haves" that can define a dynamic campaign. It would have been possible to match some definitions by September but certainly not the large majority.
To be more explicit, some of you consider that SH1 has a Dynamic Campaign. Others that CAOD has THE ONLY Dynamic Campaign. From this point of view we can tell you now that SH3 campaign will contain all the features included in those reference titles and many others inspired by your suggestions.
And yes, next time someone develops a naval simulation title we hope they will be asked to have a Dynamic Campaign like in SH3.

E-8) On the site it is written: "we have decided to put more efforts into the development of dynamic campaigns". Does that mean SHIII will include a dynamic campaign ? Because putting more effort in it can also mean it will not make the final release at all :-( ?
YES, there will be a DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN!!

E-9) How does the dev team feel about the postponed release date and the new campaign style?
The team is feeling very well. Thank you!. However, you have to knwo that it is not very easy to develop this kind of campaign.

E-10) Will it be implemented a comprehensive and in depth TUTORIAL campaign?
The tutorial will resemble a Naval Academy course. It will include a "graduation mission" and it will influence the career starting "default" - get good grades and you may be assigned a better starting boat.

E-11) Will there be a rating system on single player missions? sort of how well u accomplished the mission. or just succes and fail?
The campaign mode will include a tonnage top. It will also measure the player's performance using a "renown" system. For single missions, there will be a similar mission evaluation.

E-12) Are historical operations (like the sinking of the Bismarck) available in the campaign or in single-missions?
For sure they can be in single missions. However, we don't know if we'll be able to introduce them also in the dynamic campaign considering the freedom and the random elements implemented.

E-13) The 'autopilot' to the battlezone is now only an option in the realistic-menu?
Yes. It will be the player's choice to travel automatically in the patrol area.

E-14) Are ships you already destroyed forever sunk for this campaign?
They should be. Let's hope we'll not run out of names€¦ Anyway, no matter how many you'll sink there will be no changes in the war result.

E-15) During the dynamic campaign if we report by radio "convoy in sight" (I'm assuming we can do this ) can we expect other U-Boats to join us?
Convoy shadowing and radio reports were an important part of the wolfpack tactics, and this will be reflected in our game too.

E-16) Will convoys sail using true shipping lanes or just "spawn-in" at a pre-defined location/time?
Campaign convoy navigation is based on historical shipping lanes. We might use the €œspawn-in€ system to recreate specific events related to date and location. Additionally, convoy structure will reflect historical facts.

E-17) What are the factors that determine how long you can be out at sea? In AoD the limit was the fuel. Are there other limits in SHIII like food or fatigue?
Yes, beside fuel and ammunition, the crew efficiency depending on morale and fatigue will eventually force the player to return to port.

E-18) Is there any consequence for accidentally sinking Neutral, Allied, or Hospital ships, aircraft or subs?
Yes, during the campaign this kind of accidents can affect you career.

E-19) How large will the battleground be once the battle begins? What€s the current limitation?
In dynamic campaign the entire ocean is your battleground. In single missions we'll use mission area of up to 900 x 900 km.

E-20) How large convoys (how many ships) will you be able to encounter in sh3?
On current build and on our computers, convoys of up to 50 ships may be handled at a reasonable FPS with full details. Expect to see convoys up to 60 ships in the final game.


09-28-2004, 10:32 AM
Has anyone inquired about the possibility of friendly Uboats? I know there will be a co-op feature (YES!!!!), but in the single player campaign,will we be able to contact and coordinate with other Kaptains?

Long Live Prussia!